Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Your network is the lifeblood of your business and your budget is tight. Right now, you need to have best of both worlds. The Networks, Security and ISP market is a vibrant industry. Lots of choice, different providers and new technologies emerging at a rate faster than many can keep up with. But the art of bringing it all together into one robust service and ensuring best value from each vital ingredient is quite the challenge. This is what we excel at. At Odel Business Solutions, we are adept at designing, building, managing and optimising every form of network services. We do this locally, regionally, nationally or globally. Whether you have one or three thousand sites, we can deliver bespoke network solutions for you. We support thousands of enterprises today. Why? Because we're an innovative, distinguished network integrator. We integrate the best components from Tier 1 telecoms providers anywhere in the world, we bring them together with precision and we deliver real time reporting of network usage. This is why we're able to consistently drive down the cost of your network infrastructure.

Services we deliver

WAN & LAN Services : from international IPVPN solutions through to a dedicated WDM circuit, we have unrivalled expertise.
ISP Services : from reliable Connectivity and robust Storage and Backup through to Antivirus, Hosted Email, E-safety or Web Hosting, you pick and choose as you wish.
Wireless Solutions ; designed with precision to empower a truly mobile workforce.
Managed Network Services : helping you to reduce cost, inject life into your network and curb complexity.
Professional Services : from specialist security advice right through to optimisation expertise.

Once you have your resilient network we can help you rationalise your applications, transition to Cloud or implement true Unified Communications, we can help you bring it all together.

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Our Product Range