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In today's market, potential customers take the time to research a product or service because they want to be educated before they make a purchase. Having a website that caters to potential customers from the initial research stage to the buying stage will result in a better success rate. There are many ways for a website to serve your customers and here are some of the basics:

1. Make your website social and interactive
2. Design a website that is responsive to the different kind of visitors you'll attract responsive websites
3. Have Calls-to-Actions (CTA) on your website to encourage people to make a decision
4. Create great, interesting and educational content for your clients (blogs, videos, eBooks, etc.)
5. Understanding and engaging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies so potential customers can find your site
When designing and developing websites we focus on creating a product that reflects your business and the kind of customers you strive to serve. It may be tempting to spend all your energy and money on a website that will make your business stand out from your competition, but it's important to remember that your website is for potential customers, not you. Leads want simple navigation, a responsive design, and content that offers them more than just basic information.

Providing those visitors with clear and concise information on a well-designed website will motivate these potential customers into taking action by requesting a quote, asking for further communication, or placing an order. Our highly skilled team of designers and programmers know how to put the right tools in the right places to encourage these leads to take action.

The goal is to turn your website into an inbound marketing hub where you will attract new business and create leads to sales.

The Right Tools for Your Business

Joomla is the Content Management System that we use for the majority of our websites. Our programmers integrate it into your custom designed template, which allows you easy access to the back end of your site. It's easy to use, so you take control of publishing content, calendar items, and news updates. It's your website and you should be able to have control of it.

In some cases we suggest other management systems, like WordPress. It's usually dependent on the goals you are striving for and the best way we can help you reach them.

oogled has a partnership with Shopify that allows us to build a truly e-commerce website for you. Online shopping is faster and more secure than ever before. So, if you have products to sell, why not sell them online?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software that is used to bring more traffic to your website with a higher rate of converting them into customers. Not only do we use the software, but we are also partners! So we can use all their tools to help your business attract the right people. HubSpot has functions, such as Call-to-Actions, Landing Pages and Thank You Pages, that can take your business's success to the next level. For more information about how inbound marketing can help your business, visit our Inbound Marketing page

The best part of an online strategy is the ability to gain insight on what is working and what isn't. Through our analytic tools we can understand who is seeing your site and where we can implement the right strategies to reach your goals.

We have the tools to know everything from how many people are seeing your website to which Call-to-Actions are doing the best. With this detailed information, we can learn more about the people that are visiting your website and what areas interest them the most.

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